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Featuring Bioenergetic Assessment and Correction 

We use NES Health's Biogenergetic WellNES system to assess and correct your body's energy and information systems. The system does not use drugs or nutrients yet is very effective in restoring energy and making you feel good again!

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Why I Started
Forward Progress Health & Wellness

With over 45 years in nursing and counseling, I saw firsthand again and again how the current medical system is not the whole story in health. I respect the system but I see its deficits in areas that it is not sufficient to address. Those areas include chronic illness, addiction, prevention of illness, stress and anxiety management to name a few. I am especially aware that a huge percentage of somatic bodily illnesses derive from stress and trauma but are not addressed as such. The use of drugs and surgery as a default solution to many ills is not always in your best interest. I also want to see clients empowered to take back responsibility for their own health, rather than to give it over to a healthcare provider. Forward Progress Health & Wellness is my attempt to provide cutting-edge science & technology to give my patients the very best solutions possible. Call us today to get started. 

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